• Rent an apartment at Horizon Sky, Gulluk, Bodrum, Turkey
  • Rent an apartment at Horizon Sky, Gulluk, Bodrum, Turkey
  • Rent an apartment at Horizon Sky, Gulluk, Bodrum, Turkey
  • Rent an apartment at Horizon Sky, Gulluk, Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum Peninsula

Horizon Sky Beach Resort is situated in the beautiful and historically protected area of 'Iasos' (pronounced ee-ya-sos) a region of Bodrum in the gulf of Gulluk. The area has much historical and cultural significance leading to stringent laws now curbing commercial inference and property development. Horizon Sky is also located in close proximity of Bodrum International Airport, operating flights throughout the summer season. With the summer months having an average air and sea temperature in excess of 20 degrees, and an annual average rainfall of only 22 days, only 2 days of which are between June and September.

The castle town of Bodrum can be easily reached via water taxi to Gulluk, a pretty coastal village set below a picturesque mountain backdrop. A 35min drive from Gulluk in either a taxi or the local dolomus bus will take you to Bodrum, a buzzing thriving, artisan community where tradition goes hand in hand with designer labels, jewellery and leather goods amid local street markets. More information

Gulluk Fishing Village

Located in Mandalya Bay on the Aegean Sea, the Turquoise Coast, Gulluk is a peaceful, quiet fishing village with an abundance of restaurants and cafes serving locally caught fish, primarily sea bass and bream. Gulluk has several supermarkets and local shops selling fresh local produce,

The free Horizon Sky private water taxi is based in the harbour and provides regular trips across the bay to the resort for all visitors. Download Boat Timetable

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The town of Bodrum is steeped in culture, history and tradition, offering plenty to be explored.

The Castle of the Knights of St. John

After the castle in Izmir was destroyed in 1402, the Ottoman Empire granted the Knights of Rhodes to build another elsewhere. The Knights of St. john used stone from the fallen remains of the Mausoleum and burned marble in pits to produce lime. Taking almost a century to complete, the castle remains one of the most intact relics of the era. More information

The Underwater Archaeology Museum

Thanks to efforts of Turkish and foreign scholars who carried out successful archaeological digs - both on land and at sea, the castle has turned into one of the greatest Underwater Archaeology museums in the world. The old Spanish Chapel now houses the famous Yassiada Wreck. The Glass Exhibition is stunning, displaying glass objects discovered at Serçe Limani and the hull of the ship. More information

The Myndos Gate

This entrance gate to Halicarnassus is thought to have been constructed in 360 BC. When Alexander the Great came to claim the city, he was unable to pass the deep, broad trench in front of the gate. When the gate was restored a couple of years ago, archaeologists found the remainders of the trench. Next to the gate there is a Turkish cemetery and some vaulted tombs from Hellenistic and Roman periods. More information

Turkish Cuisine

Eating out in Turkey offers infinite possibilities. In addition to those eateries offering traditional Turkish fare, one can find restaurants-a-plenty serving cuisine from all around the globe.

Local Specialities

Sampling the delights of the region's cuisine is in itself an adventure. "Must try's" include su böre?i (layers of filo pastry baked with cheese), köpo?lu (fried aubergine and yoghurt) and çiçe?i dolmasi (stuffed squash flower). For "fast food" Turkish style, the Döner ekmek (grilled lamb sliced and sandwiched in thick crust bread) and gözleme (savory pancakes) come highly recommended! Don't forget to too sample the Turkish mint tea – thought to be one of the best ways of cooling down on a hot summer's day, and Raki – liqueur produced from anise. The latter is best consumed alongside a variety of meze.

Artisans & Markets

Head to one of the local markets and you will find everything from fruit, vegetables and flowers to birds, leather and textiles – all at very reasonable prices!

Mon: Türkbükü
Tue: Bodrum (clothes, textiles & gifts)
Wed: Ortakent, Gündo?an
Thu: Yalikavak
Fri: Bodrum (food)

Shopping Centre

OASIS, located on the northwest side of Bodrum by the Gumbet crossroads, was the first “satellite” shopping plaza to challenge “downtown” shopping habits.

Housing 239 shops, a theatre and auditorium, 5 cinemas, and numerous cafes and restaurants, OASIS provides the ultimate shopping experience. One can expect to find everything from designer and local brands to jewellery and home decor.

Visit: www.oasisbodrum.com